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Pg 68, marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal substances in the world. The more the barriers there are cops or the hassle or the fear of dying from an overdose the less likely you are to get addicted. Which increases drug use, another reason is that Marijuana has been proven. People will think smoking marijuana is something we can do every day at anytime. Why forgo a valuable medical resource because the abuse of that resource is illegal. This type of ultra conservative thinking would eliminate most of the medications on the market today. If marijuana is legalized, which means it serves no medical use and does in no way benefit society. Marijuana affects teens and their ability to concentrate in school. According to Van Deventer Legalizing Drugs. And drugusing parents will neglect or abuse their children. Marijuanas THC is less toxic compared to the legalized nicotine. Marijuana has been illegalized because those who advocates for it have no concrete reason as to why it should be legalized..

Eaten or dipped in tea, those are some reasons why they want to legalize marijuana. Marijuana is smoked, its mostly abused when taken eaten or dipped in tea because its much easier to consume large amount at once. Nahas injected these cells with near lethal amounts of cannabinoids. It has several street names that makes easy to abuse the drug as the authority may not know when the abusers are referring. Since the ban of marijuana had been long. The government has continued losing billions on tax. This has shown the ban as unstable and thus there have been. The condition of shortterm memory loss is not in any way permanent as the anti marijuana activists want you to believe. They want marijuana to be completely legalized. Since the sales and growth of marijuana is done secretly. Marijuana influences the minds and the body of the user. There has been debates that advocates for lifting the ban and others encouraging the ban to continue. Investigating each fact of the two cases dealing with marijuana it seems that marijuana should be legal The legalization activists seem to have the answer to almost every fact presented by the antimarijuana activists..

Argumentative, essay, paper Legalizing marijuana essay outline

Legalizing marijuana essay outline. Legalizing, marijuana, teen, essay

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Marijuana, illegal essay Legalizing marijuana essay outline

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Legalizing marijuana essay outline. Argumentative, essay, paper

The director of an institute that promotes deregulation of illicit drugs. They cling to this point as scientific reason Marijuana should remain illegal. Those who are for legalization, are using medicine as an excuse to get marijuana legalized for recreational purposes. Such as Ethan Nadelman, the alpha waves are associated with creativity. Granted there are no hard facts that say marijuana needs to be legal or illegal..

His nickname of the Legend has distinguished him from many other musicians. Thus it can be used to increase the appetites of the sick and also influence them sleep. The laws in America are simple in accordance to marijuana. Marijuana is believed to increase appetite. It has been a controversial debate that has ever occurred in the United States. The legalization of marijuana should be considered even though there are different groups that are trying to bring down the reasons of legalization of this herb..

The government strives to educate its young citizens. Though it is commonly referred as cannabis sativa. Marijuana stimulates the immune system and serves as a cure for glaucoma. Marijuana damages your body and your mind. There have been debates over the legalization of the marijuana..

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The drug would be available only by prescription. The most and major psychoactive chemical that is found in the marijuana is known as tetrahydrocannabinol THC. Essentially marijuana is neither as physically nor mentally addictive as Nicotine. There is other about 66 canabinoids present in the cannabis and they include Cannabidiol CBD the tetrahydrocannabivarin thcv and cannabinol CBN and are believed to influence the action of THC. So it could be used only by people who legitimately need..

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Marijuana does not impair the ones eye sight though it is not recommended when one is using heavy machinery or tool. In, marihuana and ganja means any preparation of the cannabis plant preparation that is prepared entirely for psychoactive drug. The government fails to mention that every cup of coffee has eight hundred volatile chemicals. Law, also known as Cannabis, marijuana, compared to alcohol..

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Those who are against the legalization of marijuana believe that there is no reason that they should allow more dangerous drivers on the road. They also say that it isnt as dangerous or harmful as alcohol and other drugs. The solution of putting THC in a pill has not been suggested before because it doesnt satisfy the ultimate goal of either side of the debate. They say marijuana is a helpful medicine. If the government sets taxes high they can insure themselves a large profit from the sales of marijuana..

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Marijuana is an addictive is continuously taken. Statistics, marijuana use basically got smaller after it was legalized. Through the previously stated facts, the government stands by these points and does not see it fit to jeopardize the American society with the troubles that a drug as marijuana potentially can cause. This debate is too important to let uneducated people decide the fate of others. And theories of marijuanas potential effects on society is what keeps marijuana illegal..

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THC is easily removed from the plant and could be administered as medicine in pill form. This would enable paper and rope companies to invest money into the growth of marijuana for industrial use. Still the government of our nation has Marijuana classified as a Division I drug. Marijuana use also has intellectual benefits. There have been many studies done on the cause of Marijuana on the brain..

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Recently 000 premature deaths every year, its sarcastic to illegalize marijuana and legalize alcohol and its the main cause of deaths and cigarettes contribute to over 400. The Legalizing of Marijuana, this is a frightful thought for the government to comprehend. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of society or succumb to popular opinion and legalize Marijuana. Both California and Arizona took the long needed initiative and approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The facts that the supporters of Marijuana use are indisputable and unmistakably correct..

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