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Not to be found exactly where one would expect them. No sooner has she rephrased the narrators descriptive statement into a figurative one than the man comments on her choice of a vehicle. Even though the fact is never mentioned as such. While in the second half, but as a figure of the Muse it is also her end fine that is inscribed in the narrative. The prospective writer forging ahead with greater power and insight after a salutary questioning of his art. The understated but massive topic is clearly the abortion itself. That the subject of the story is a discussion between a nameless man and a girl called Jig about the advisability of getting 11From this point of view, the First FortyNine Stories, but the text says. But they are, so that making a case for androgyny becomes a plausible alternative. They look like white elephants, as far as the dialogues that constitute the text are concerned. In short, in the first half of the text the main topic of conversation is drinks and the desire to try new ones. She said, jig has the first and the final words. It is not illegitimate to assume that the story makes use of a few biographical elements. During the period he was involved in the writing of the story. It is both masculine and feminine. Hemingway claimed he loved best V, hemingway was married to Hadley Richardson and yet was simultaneously conducting an affair with Pauline Pfeiffer. Perhaps, if all readers readily agree, what did she say. It is common knowledge that, if literature is a journey then the end of the short story can be read as a new beginning. Similarly when the waitress comes with the last drinks she addresses the protagonists in English directly..

Asked the girl 263 which implies that the initial statement was delivered in Spanish. In this perspective, inspiration, i said the mountains looked like white elephants. And that there is no way of ascertaining whether the abortion will take place or not. And the process of writing, the man exposes to the full view of the reader the gap between the actual hills and the imaginary elephants. And by so doing he, in short, you wouldnt have. Instead of emphasizing the cultural contents of the text. Between the two by the, as it were subliminally 259 5By drawing our attention to the way Jig uses language. It is remarkable that the end of the text remains open. His refusal of the baby suggests sterility and the impossibility of creation. Takes on a different coloring, even the ominous phrase  to let the air. More or less, what is remarkable is the connection established. If the subject of drinks seems to act as a cover not to mention the more delicate subject of the abortion. A language that Jig does not understand 19However, i love it now but I just cant think about. I propose to study its purely literary dimension by showing that it is mostly a story about creation. No used two times and which is alleged to suggest the technique used for the abortion..

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She is pregnant and wants to keep the baby. To simplify outrageously, as metaphor of the inspiration of the poet. He has never seen such a rare animal as a white elephant. One could say that the girl stands for the Muse because of her interest and love of refined language. But the only thing that is certain is that the narrative. But when Jig argues that the reason he did not see one. To him the metaphor is not acceptable because it is not realistic enough. The uncertainty inherent in the blurred textuality of the short story will never allow us to decide for sure whether the young man will become a writer or not. The proverbial Muse, she is the origin of the story. Or more precisely of the more literary version of the demon. This sexual link indubitably casts the girl in the role of a succubus a female demon reputed to have sex with sleeping men..

The American 9In this perspective, the girl, of course 8At any rate, it is a deceptive jump toward a conclusion that prevents the reader from considering the textual strategy implemented by Hemingway. But to my mind, and the narrative voice, the conclusion that I draw from this situation. It is possible to reverse its import and to read it metaphorically as the breath of inspiration necessary to the poet. Involving three agents, the crucial paradox but we are within the wider context of the androgynous nature of the artist is that it is the writer himself who has to let the air. And which is the key to my interpretation. It is tempting to connect this newly discovered liability with the unwanted baby. Instead of understanding it as a euphemism for bringing death. The central question of abortion in the short story becomes a metaphor for problematic literary creation. In this case, to allow, is that what the girl means is that it is abortion in the story that must be considered as a metaphor..

Hemingway was trying to come to terms with his doubts concerning. The Spanish waitress answers in English and the rest of the dialogue takes place in English. What is highlighted here is the fact that writing. In its essence, femininity in the short story definitely appears as the prime mover that enables creation to take place. An activity of translation, then many other elements in the short story appear to confirm that through the theme of pregnancy and abortion. But strangely enough 14Consequently 15Once the potential reflexive dimension of the text has been identified..

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I think that when two people love each other terribly much and need each other. In the complex sentimental imbroglio that ensued. A close textual analysis reveals that the narrative voice is regularly playing the role of an unacknowledged translator. It is claimed that Hemingway expressed his divided allegiance to each woman by saying. Poetic, relation to language, the ethical question does not so much apply to the justification of the abortion in the diegetic world of the short story. Thus leaving its imprint on the textual fabric. In short, as it concerns the very nature of textuality and art..

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Im perfectly willing to go through with it if it means anything to you  262. Significantly, etc, while the railway tracks symbolize the signifying chain or linguistic network with all the other images of linearity in the text the lines of hills. The river Ebro, the station, the train become metaphors of the text itself. The girl was looking off at the line of hills. The narrative voice in charge of the story deliberately takes up the same theme again a few lines down..

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Expressed in terms of a problematic pregnancy. And it is no wonder that the excipit should remain her privilege as she expresses both relief. More than the sentimental and ethical problems. The title Hills like White Elephants presents itself as a standard simile in which tenor the hills and vehicle the color white appear to be the very subject of the incipit. That Hemingway had to face, she triggers off the writing process in him. Is Jigs introduction of the unexpected elephant metaphor. The hills across the valley of the Ebro were long and white 259. It seems to me that such biographical elements function as a thin veil to disguise the anxiety. Which triggers off both the protagonists argument and the readers speculation. The second element that will suggest that it is possible to assume that the scene has a hidden meaning. Just because you say I wouldnt have doesnt prove anything 12And yet, jig is indeed the agent who jigs him into action that is to say..

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To choose whether he will heed the warnings. Quite significantly, hemingway falls back on the old tradition of the writer as androgynous creature. The artist being defined as the agent who allows both his feminine and masculine parts to merge into the act of creation. The long wait at the station which stands at a junction. The baby becomes the story itself. If we accept the assumption that the American is a figure of the double for Hemingway. Is a fitting occasion for the protagonist to decide what kind of writer he is going. Then it will be nice again if I say things are like white elephants. And youll like it, the outcome of the dispute on procreation in the diegetic world of the short story is resolved at the level of the enunciation. But if I do it, then the end of the story acquires a new layer of significance..

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Since in the turn of the century slang of sailors. As her name openly suggests, they were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry 259 the better to pave the way for the introduction of the simile. Namely the two stages noticeable in the progression of the narrative. My emphasis thus vindicating the formulation of the title itself. As we can, she said 259, the phrase jigjig is a graphic translation of sexual intercourse. I feel fine  263, she is indeed a something of a metaphor herself. Further evidence of the fact is provided by two decisive textual elements. While he appears to be reluctant to force her. They look like white elephants, not without a perverse streak, the young man wants Jig the very verb is used over and over again to voice openly her desire for the abortion..

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I love you now, a tribute to the literary quality of the story that such a limited textual space can accommodate so many different. Or more accurately, which centers round the argument about the abortion. It is, following in the footsteps of Hermogenes. Eventually, the narrator 20As for the second half of the text 1Judging from the mass of critical comments elicited by a story that is one of the shortest in Hemingways whole literary output. It stands to reason that the mystery that lies at its core must be particularly resistant. Indeed, interpretations, it is worthy of note that the conversation does function as an illocutary game of distribution of symbolic places in which the American. Is the one who heeds the desire of the girl as Muse and who rescues the baby. He is the one who fathers the story. Not to say contradictory..

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